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Prices will be set by management at the time of consignment.  Management has sole discretion to reduce items at any time to close sale.  If the items are sold within the 90 day consignment period, the consignor will receive 50% of the purchase price.  Checks will be mailed directly from the Bank of America to your address on file and consignor is responsible for contacting La Chic with any updates to address changes.  The bank allows ninety (90) days for you to cash your check.  If it is not cashed within the ninety (90) day period, the check will expire and a replacement check is not issued. Payments due the consignor are for the prior months sales.  One initial list of items will be provided to the consignor (once the items are checked into the system), after which, please bring original list in so you can add additional inventory to it that we accepted each time.  If you should lose your initial list and additional list(s) are provided, there will be a fee of $5.00 to cover our costs.  Additionally, the term of this agreement is for ninety (90) days.  Should you decide to remove your items prior to the 90 day expiration, a charge of $5.00 PER ITEM WILL BE EITHER DEDUCTED FROM ANY ITEMS SOLD OR PAYMENT WILL BE EXPECTED PRIOR TO RETURNING YOUR ITEMS (THIS IS TO COVER OUR COST OF PLACING THEM ON THE FLOOR.)  

We do make exceptions for high end authentic designer handbags for the amount of time on the floor, as we realize they are higher priced and can take longer to sell.  Authentic Designer items are evaluated on a case by case basis and a mutual agreement is established after the owner has reviewed each designer item with the consignor.

When picking up your items, it is the responsibility of the consignor to come into the store and find them.  We will provide to you a list of all items that are still available.  All items are carefully checked in and displayed by style, color and size, making it easy to find your items.  For example, if you brought in a Long Red Evening Gown, you would find it on our Long Red Evening Gown rack, and so on.  If your items are here for longer than 90 days (and we do not agree to extend the time), they become the property of La Chic to be automatically donated to a charity we have on file, under your name and a tax deduction form will be available for your taxes!  As much as we would love to contact our consignors as to when items are expiring, we do not have the "girl power" to do so.  Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of each consignor to keep track of the date of their contract.

When payment is made, items will not be itemized on the check, as there is not enough room on the check memo. The employees do not have access to the bank accounts or bookkeeping records of La Chic, so please leave a message for the owner to get back to you with this information within a reasonable amount of time.  We will provide to you the items that have sold, and the total of said items.  We do not provide itemized dollar amount of each item sold (unless they are high end designer items.) 

You NEVER need an appointment to consign with La Chic, and we accept consignments five (5) days per week (Tuesday through Saturday.)  We ask that everyone bring in their consignments before the 6:00 (M-F) and before 3:00 on Saturdays.  We are open on Sundays (with the exception of some months during slower seasons), but never accept consignments on Sundays.

All items received must be CLEAN, ON HANGERS, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO DAMAGE or we will not accept them.  

All clothing must be middle to the highest end of designers.  We NEVER accept items from lower end department (example:  Forever 21, Old Navy, etc.) or box stores, as we cannot compete with their prices.  

It is La Chic Boutique's policy to price each item and not the consignor.  The owner will make an exception when the consignor brings in high end authentic handbags or leather goods, where the owner and consignor will discuss price, but ultimately, it is the owner's sole decision.  Keep in mind, that the owner is not here to "give away" the consignors items, and strives to get the best price possible.  However, La Chic has to be realistic about pricing each item.  Prior to pricing any item (unless the tag is still on the item), La Chic's staff does extensive research on the item prior to pricing it. The general rule for pricing an item is 1/4 to 1/3 of today's retail price, but this rule does not always apply to every item being sold.  Although we do not lower the price of the item(s) after a 30/60/90 days, we initially put the best price on the tag so the item moves quicker and both the consignor and La Chic benefit.  However, if the item has been in the boutique for longer than 30 days, we will often put a sale ticket on it so it sells, as opposed to being donated.  If the item(s) is in demand and has not been sold within the 90 days, the owner will often call the consignor and extend the time on the floor.  

Thank you for thinking of us and also believing that beautiful things are meant to be shared!

Our Consignment Policy...