La Chic Boutique makes it simple for everyone to share/sell your items you no longer need!  

We believe that beautiful things are meant to be shared and passed on when we are ready to move on to our next purchase!

So, clean out your closet and purge!  Can't decide what to get rid of (sell, donate or keep?)  No worries, La Chic is here to help you!  Our rates start at $50 per hour and we can help spend as little or as much time as you need to clean out and organize your closets!  

We will come to your home and help you with your closet(s) and will give you our honest opinion as to what is still in style, if it fits your current body style and help you get organized!

Call the owner, Mary Anne Barker, and make your appointment now!  Mary Anne will also show you the items that are a "must have" for every wardrobe and how to organize your closet to keep up with your busy lives!

Mary Anne will also show you how you can wear various items several different ways!  Her ideas are endless!

Call La Chic Boutique today to make your appointment!  Life is hectic enough!  Getting dressed, to impress, should be an experience you enjoy for every occasion!  

Yours in fashion,

​Mary Anne

443-869-2247 (boutique)

443-869-2248 (fax)